Interview Questions



They want to hear your journey through your career. What got you interested in what your doing. Share your passion with them, what gets you excited. The journey that lead to this passion.

They want to hear you were doing something else to better yourself, related to your career.

When your passionate about something that’s all it takes. Your all in! What an employer wants to know is what gets you excited about your work. E.g. I’m so excited about the place I work because they have a clear vision of where they are going” that’s what gets me motivated when a company vision and values are aligned with mine.

Find out what their core values are, look at their website and mission is. Then align yourself to what they are doing. You are aligning yourself with them.

They are wanting a recap of your experience. Best place to start of is the very beginning, start of with your education and briefly go through your working experience. It should not take more than a minute.

The key to answering this question is to align yourself with where they are going, you might have to find out. Do some research on the company, what are their values? What is their mission?

An employer wants to hear that you understand them. Through out the interview try and work out what their pains and problems are and relate that back to them. E.g. these are a lot of things I’ve done very well perhaps better than anyone else.

This is a growth orientated question, align this question with where the company is going or what direction they are heading in. How you see yourself fitting into their future.

Relate this to what the company is doing, what kind of projects are they doing, what kind of people are they helping? Whatever their goals and values are align yourself with what the company is doing. Do some research on the company. I’m attracted to the things you are doing and this is why….be passionate, be specific and tell them. Let them know you will contribute to help them achieve their goals.

They want to hear about your past experiences, past education the kind of things you have done that are related to kind of things they are looking for. Why you will stand out.

This is a behavioural question, answer this using the STAR format; situation-task-action-result. What actions did you take to solve this problem, tell them how it worked out, how you dealt with one and how you saved the day.

This is your chance to sell yourself. You have to understand what they are looking for. You want to relate back why you feel you are good fit for them and how you are going to help them grow! What makes you unique, pick these things out and tell them.

The best way to answer this is to talk about a weakness you had that you have already overcome and walk them through it, it’s not a problem anymore. They want to see projection.

Another behavioural question STAR, this is going beyond and above your daily duties. Talk about something extraordinary, how it would have failed without your input.

They want to hear that you set goals. Tell them how you set goals, the process you use. Use that, how you applied this to a project and the outcome was achieved.

Best way to explain this is that you were seeking greater challenges. That want to hear your growth minded, your seeking greater opportunities and responsibilities.

A great opportunity for you to share what makes you so unique. What are you really good at, leading, designing, good at managing people, whatever it is you want to tailor it to what they are looking for. You want to tie your strengths for what they are looking for. Read the job description very carefully and good understanding what they are looking for and where you can help out best.​

They don’t want to hear you’re a proud father. Your contributions to society, last place you worked at. Where did you make a difference? In someone’s life, a project. It does not have to be super great, it just must mean something to you. Keep it business/career related.

Don’t give run down of your daily duties, give them a run down of the similar things the job is related to. Talk about what you do which is related to what they are looking for.

They are testing if you have a style, have you really managed enough people in your career to have a style. Go through some examples, your exercisers, meetings and why you believe your method of management is effective. They want to hear of your experience.

Keep this career related. Give them something to chew on. How did you recover, what you did to solve it? Behavioural question STAR

Align your answer with the company’s values. This is to weed out candidates who are not aligned with the company culture and values.

Must do research on the company, try and find articles written about them. Things they have been recognised for.

They want to hear what got you excited about the job description/position. You just knew you wanted to be part of their company.

Give them a range that usually spans $20,000. (E.g. $65,000 to $85,000)

A behavioural question in disguise STAR. How have you dealt with it? Have you done this before, give me some examples?

They are really fishing for if we hire you are you willing to move? Ask, what do you have in mind?

What are you so passionate about that you would want to be doing? The dream job has to come from inside the heart.

What their looking for is what wasn’t fulfilling about your last career and what are you looking for in a new career? In my old job I use to love doing…. It faded, it then didn’t seem so fulfilling. Don’t make it about money.

Ask them questions to find out whether this is a place you want to work at. Good questions:
What is the next step?
When will I hear back from you?
What would you expect me to accomplish in the first 3/6 months?
How long does your hiring process take?
What is the key to succeeding in this role?
What would my day to day routine be?

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