A company is only as exceptional as the people in it, and to get exceptional people, a strong recruitment process is a must.

Here’s the number-one differentiator between good recruiting and great recruiting, preparation time with hiring manager. The more time I invest with the hiring manager upfront to find alignment around what you’re looking for in a candidate, the less time is the recruiting process.

As your recruiter, it’s my job to help the hiring manager find that alignment. If you’re about to start hiring for a new role, or need to course correct for one that’s been open for too long. This is how we achieve that alignment, with these three questions.

What background and skills are you looking for?

The goal of this exercise isn’t to produce an impossible checklist of requirements, soft skills and hard skills, rather the most important requirements for the candidate to succeed in the role. Being self-assured is a key characteristic in a candidate, they are confident in their abilities and know what they want.

What personal attributes should this person have?

Map the attributes into major points, good to haves, and nice to haves, as you did with background and skills in the previous step, you’ll have a framework for evaluating candidates. Personal attributes are highly important for teamwork, group dynamics, building relationships and in day-to-day interactions with colleagues, managers or clients.

What differentiates your company, team, and offer?

The best candidates are evaluating you as much as you’re evaluating them, so get on the same page about how you’ll sell them. Push your hiring decision makers to answer questions around the differentiators: “How is our company different from other companies in our sector? If you can’t drive home what’s special about your offer, your company, and your team, you risk a candidate passing.

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