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I’m a Match Maker, driven to match the ideal candidate to our clients needs and matching outstanding talent to their ideal role.


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With more than 25 years experience in the property, financial services and legal industries and a passion for interacting with people, I bring the human touch to recruitment.​

Taking the time to understand individual requirements, knowing that there is never a one-size-fits-all. Finding the best qualities in people and in turn, matching them to their ideal role, it’s important to be personal and genuine.

​As a talent connector, my focus is to understand the in and outs of our business partners and build trust driven relationships to create robust strategies attracting the very best talent.     I’m your partner in your business.​

It’s about foresight into your companies needs and empathy for candidates true career aspirations.

There are no shortcuts – in a space flooded with templates, it’s important to be personal and genuine.

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Perfect Solutions For Your Business

Delivering personalised talent solutions and fostering trust-driven connections for your business. With empathetic insights, we ensure perfect matches in human recruitment, every time.

Talent Sourcing

Strategic talent sourcing for optimal workforce alignment, ensuring your business thrives with exceptional and suitable candidates.

HR Consulting

Comprehensive HR consulting, shaping workplaces through expert guidance in areas like recruitment, policies, and organisational development,

Employer Branding

Elevating companies through distinctive employer branding strategies, cultivating strong market presence and attracting top-tier candidates.

Recruitment Process

Streamlined recruitment process, delivering top-tier candidates efficiently, driving your company’s growth with precision and expertise.

Talent Management

Holistic talent management, optimising human potential, and fostering growth for sustained success and a thriving organisational culture.

Let Us Create Your Succes

Unlock the doors to triumph by partnering with us for human recruitment. Through meticulously crafted strategies and collaborative endeavours, we guide your organisation towards a future filled with accomplishments and growth

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Explore our FAQ section to get a deeper insight into our human-centric recruitment process. Discover how our tailored strategies, collaborative approach, and focus on candidate-client alignment set us apart. We address your queries to ensure transparency and confidence as we guide you through successful recruitment journeys.

Our tailored strategies are designed to focus on individual candidate qualities and client needs, ensuring a seamless alignment between candidates and roles. This approach enhances the recruitment process by ensuring a more genuine and precise match, leading to higher employee satisfaction and company success.

Our collaborative approach involves open communication with both clients and candidates. We believe in understanding not only the company's requirements but also the aspirations of candidates. By fostering transparent and trust-based relationships, we ensure the recruitment process is a win-win for all parties involved.

Our human-centric recruitment benefits employers by delivering candidates who align not only with job requirements but also with the company's culture and values. For candidates, it means finding roles that resonate with their true career aspirations. This approach creates a harmonious and productive workplace environment.

Ray was a pleasure to deal with. Within 24hrs of our first contact he had arranged an interview for me with a perspective employer and within 4 days I was signing a contract for my new job! I found Ray to be very responsive, humourous and easy to deal with. If the need arises, I would definitely reach out to Ray again. Thank you Ray, I can not recommend you highly enough.


      John Doe

      Their recruitment prowess is unparalleled. They found us the perfect candidate who not only met our requirements but elevated our team dynamics

        Mark H

        Incredible job on finding us a candidate who perfectly fits our team. Their dedication and expertise truly stand out

          Sally Hopkins

          Their recruitment approach is a game changer. The candidate they placed with us has transformed our operations, exceeding all expectations

          What Clients Say About Recruitment.

          Our recruitment expertise exceeded expectations, delivering exceptional talent precisely aligned with our needs, fostering growth and success.

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